Raise Money for YOUR cause

Looking to raise money for your School, PTO, Daycare, Company, etc...? 

I will work with you to select which items to offer for sale.  YOU sell, I personalize. In return, your cause will receive a percentage of each sale.


For Example:

It's Halloween Time! Your School is looking to raise money to host a Halloween Party. 

You contact me, and we decide you are going to advertise and sell 3 Different Types of Halloween Bags. 

You send out flyers (or however you promote) and sell them personalized for $20 each. You give me the orders, I make the product, and deliver to you to distribute. 

You profit say $5 on each bag (this is just an example!). So for Every bag sold, your cause will make $5! 


Zip Donation 2019

Mama's Happy Place also loves to give back. With the support of some amazing customers, we were able to donate almost 50 Zipper Buddies to Boston Children's Hospital in February for Heart Awareness Month.